Why knowing your mobile ranking is now more critical than ever before


Firstly let us get an idea about how your mobile is ranked by various websites. The websites track and then rate it based on the results obtained from iOS, Android, or windows mobile. SEO or search engine optimization is concerned with increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic obtained by increasing the visibility of websites to the users. It excludes direct traffic and paid placement purchases. With such technical advancements over the years. Newer features such as virtual reality, voice search, augmented reality, and much more overwhelms us. The booming new online market and optimization of websites reaches to our concern.

Thus, knowing your Mobile Rank is mandatory by all websites after the launching of the Mobile-first Index by Google.

Google widens its search and starts determining the overall organic rank of websites the mobile version of it. It all helps you optimize your web viewing experience for a seamless performance. The introduction of smartphones and the new affordability of it increased the popularity of mobile web ranking. Mobile ranks differ from desktop ranks because google characterizes searches done via mobile than those done by a desktop.

To know the website's mobile rank accurately, you have to use the SERP tracker and choose the location of which you need to track. All the while, helping us with higher-quality and much relevant and suited search results.

If you want to increase your mobile ranking here are some tips on how it can be done:

  • Checking if your site is actually viewable on mobile. And if so, then interface is to be as close and same as that of its desktop version.
  • Design
  • Serving
  • Site
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)- this is a protocol that boosts and makes web pages load at high speeds on mobile devices. All while using considerably lesser data.
  • As the mobile designs are much smaller and fit into our palms, the websites should take in concern of a finger-friendly and comfortable interface.
  • Local SEO- much of the searches are geo-targeted; therefore, a well-optimized site allocating and targeting the geo groups helps.
  • Are just the tip of the ice-berg; the list will go on much further as the internet is a very vast ocean with endless possibilities.

As I said earlier, the popularity base of mobiles is much higher than that of a laptop or a PC. Newer techs and companies with a much cheaper product with premium specifications increase their market furthermore.

And it has been statistically proven that through the years It has been observed that the searches done through mobiles is much higher than that done through a PC. Therefore we can blindly point out that if your website isn't mobile-friendly, then its time to suit up and improve it as soon as possible so that your digital marketing is not affected but instead gets a boost.

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