What are the rank tracking types you need for SEO in 2019


Search engine optimization is a simple technique of improving search ranking. SEO refers to the minor changes made to your website to get more traffic. It is a known fact that search engines are a very reliable source of free and bulk traffic. Digital marketing has its share of influence on the growth of a website. But it is just a small part of SEO. And this is the reason why most website owners work hard to improve their SEO score.

But over the years, SEO has also witnessed some considerable amount of change. It might be a little tough to hack SEO now, but not impossible. Below are some things you should follow if you want better SEO results.

  • Longer blog posts- For better customer turnover, it is most important to present quality content. The probability of a visitor changing into a customer is increased by a colossal proportion when you offer well-written content. But now, alongside quality, you also need to focus on the length of the blog post.
  • Your post should be of optimum length and provide necessary information to the reader. SEO experts have seen that posts which explore a topic in great depth and have are comparatively longer, are more likely to be ranked higher. Bhavathi technologies is an SEO company of Hyderabad, which can help you with writing better blog posts.

  • Engaging content- Presenting informative and well-written material is not the determining factor as to how long a visitor would stay on your page. The customer may decide to exit your website as soon as he visits it. It can have a severe impact on your website ranking.
  • Therefore it is crucial to create engaging content. Try to keep your content interactive and informative at the same time. The easiest way to do this is by using the Bucket Brigades technique. Use statements that have a lead-on effect. And ensure your visitor that there are better things to come.

  • Update Old Content- A website possesses numerous blog posts. Some of which are old and some relatively recent. To maintain your hard-earned rank on search engines, it is best to keep updating the old posts. Try keeping your old posts up to date with the latest information. It not only boosts your SEO score. But it also helps you gain more returning customers.
  • Strong Backlinks- Backlinking is the more reliable method of SEO. When a search engine sees that your content is backlinked to other websites, it realizes that you have authentic content to offer. In simple terms, backlinking is the mark of authentication that every search engine looks for.
  • Bhavathi technologies provide SEO services in Hyderabad related to backlinking.

  • In-depth Keyword search- Keywords form the bulk to search engine optimization. SEO focuses on the optimum usage of keywords. But do all keywords produce the same results? In reality, all keywords don't have the same effect. Therefore it is best to use those keywords which have a high yield potential. High yielding keywords ensure that no matter what, you secure a decent rank in search results. Keeping this in mind, make sure to conduct a thorough keyword search before writing a post.

SEO is the best way to get massive traffic. And following the above tactics, you are sure to get a better response. If you still have some problems regarding SEO, you can approach Bhavathi technologies. It is the best SEO company in Hyderabad, which provides a varied variety of SEO and digital marketing services. Bhavathi technologies have made a significant impact with their dedicated SEO services in Hyderabad. They are here to help your website attain the highest rank in search results.