What are myths in SEO


Ranking No.1 in SERPs has become an important goal for every business. Accordingly, the value, as well as demand for Search Engine Optimization has enhanced a lot. Along with the popularity, the digital world is also caught up with a lot of SEO myths that can harm your efforts. It's peak time that you realize what they are and stop believing in them.

Some Common Myths of SEO

  • SEO is the 1st position on SERPs
  • Most of the people believe that SEO is all about taking your website to the number one position in SERPs or Google. Most of the SEO companies today promise the same for their customers. People often misconceive higher ranking leads to higher search traffic. The point is, SEO is not just about ranking on top position.

    Along with the goal of reaching the top spot, SEO also concerns increasing web traffic and improving the engagement and conversations of the website. By focusing only on the 1st position on the SERPs it is impossible to achieve all this.

  • Content is all that matters
  • One of the popular myths about SEO out there is that content is king or content is all that you need. In fact, this myth has been ruling the digital marketing for years. It is true that high-quality content is significant for the exposure of the business, the usability of the site and most importantly for SEO. Nevertheless, it is not content that matters the most. It can also happen that you have good content but the visitor is not satisfied and hence you are not ranked high on Google.

  • SEO is a one-time action
  • This myth never dies in the industry and comes in two different forms. One is ceasing your efforts on SEO campaigns when it gave you no result even after your consequent effort. The second one is again ceasing the efforts when you are received with positive results and outcomes.

    One should understand that SEO is not a one-time task. It is a never-ending process that requires continues efforts, strategies, planning, and hard work. If you are quitting the efforts in the middle, the whole thing can fall into degradation for sure.

  • Keyword density increases Google ranking
  • It is true that the keywords and its thorough ad frequent usage matters. There was a period when digital marketers had occupied themselves with keyword stuffing in order to heighten their web ranking. But this exists no longer. Over the years search engines have gone through several renovations and became more efficient. Today, extreme use of keywords or loading your website with them can actually harm your website. Google may perceive your website as a manipulative resident and not a reliable and relevant source.

  • Local SEO is no longer important
  • Local SEO can enormously help you in making your business stand out in the SERPs. Optimizing local search alone can not help you in reaching heights but it sure founds people who are near to you and also give you a good ranking in local terms if you are a national or global business owner. But a good deal of people overlook its potential benefits and even if they know they still fail to use it in the most expected case.


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