Useful Tools For Social Media


This is a new era of marketing where most of the potential clients of the company are found on social media platforms rather than a marketplace, where buyers and sellers are supposed to meet. Marketing in present terms includes social media marketing, and this would benefit a company in creating a brand for itself which is well authorized and well acceptable in wide means. The art of social media optimization helps when a company aspires to start marketing on social media platforms but is not aware of how it works, given there are a lot of social media platforms.

Tools for social media marketing

There are tools that help in formulating the best social media strategies and make the process of branding easier.

1. Mention

The key to a lot of strategies of social media marketing in Hyderabad is to have the information, and one such mean of tracking what the general audience perceives about your firm is through real-time media monitoring. It lets you have a quick sneak peek into what is basically being discussed about you in all the social media platforms through one search feature, where you are required to enter your name. You will also be able to do a lot more kinds of stuff such as react, create an alert, etc.

2. Buzzsumo

It is another digital media monitoring platform that is an add on to the SEO strategy. It lets you discover trending and popular content and influencers within your niche. Unlike mention, it shows content from the website, not social media. Enter the keywords and you will be able to see the top 10 related contents. For personal mentions, type your company’s keywords and you will see your performance across the web.

3. TweetDeck

As the name suggests, it is a tool where you can seamlessly handle 2 twitter accounts wherein real-time tracking, organizing and engagement are facilitated. A structure is followed where you will be able to find everything separately, making it easy for you to handle the personal and company accounts in a better way, while you take part in every activity related to twitter.

4. Canva

Visually oriented posts are generally the center of attraction in every online medium and they occupy a huge percentage of response. But what we have to say most often doesn’t match with the pictures that we find, and so, this tool lets you find or create a visual representation of exactly what you want to say. High-range facilities are provided because the pictures you create would be aligned as per the templates of social media channels you wish to post in.

5. Feedly

If you lack the idea of content to share, this tool comes up with the ideas you need. As it is a place where you can find information about literally anything. Subscribe, organize, read and share the content you like on various social media.

6. Buffer

An easy to use interface, which saves your time as with this tool you can post on multiple platforms all together in one click. It also provides content suggestions for most of the topics.

7. Followerwonk

A Twitter analytics tool to be precise that helps in searching for bios, compare twitter users and regulate twitter followers. Analyze your twitter followers’ location, active time, interest, etc. This way it connects you with like-minded people and influencers of your niche.

8. UnfollowerStats

This app makes you aware of the people who unfollowed you, also people you don’t follow or the ones who don’t follow you. A lot more can be done with this tool.

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