Top 10 tricks to rank higher in Google My Business listing


Nothing has changed the world in the way Google has. Everything you can think of getting clues about is available at the click of your finger in a millisecond. For people beginning to explore the new and trendy means of boosting their online presence, this means more information, more opportunities and more scope to reach out to a wider market.

Google My Business can be a great start for you and your brand. Without it, local SEO is more or less futile. But a haphazard beginning with improper maintenance will not help you in any manner. You have to optimize your Google My Business regularly to rank higher. Let us look at some tips and tricks to rank higher in Google My Business listing:

1. Optimize your profile:

Since your profile is the first thing people will come across, make sure it is correct down to the minute details. Entering name, address, contact details, and precise business category might sound like a regular with little relevance, but a small error in the basic details can prove to be costly. Make sure your business description is eye-catching and not crammed with keywords.

2. Add a post to your My Business Review

Visit the posts section of Google My Business app and wite a post of about 1300-1500 words relevant to your business. Link it to a page and publish it, preferably with a picture. You can view this on your My Business listing.

3. Share consistent information across the web

Inconsistencies in the information can harm your reliability and overall reputation. This will negative impact on your ranking. Make your you eliminate all discrepancies

4. Detailed business description

Like we mentioned before, a detailed description with accurate information can work wonders for your business. It is very important that you do not stuff it up with too many keywords unnecessarily. Use polished language and be clear about what you do, how you do it what your clients are to gain from getting involved with your business. For example, if you are the best SEO Company in Hyderabad, mention how it is so.

5. Upload only high-resolution images

No listing can be complete without relevant images. Businesses with engaging, good quality images have a higher chance of catching the eye of the visitor, simply because it makes your brand look more professional and reliable. It immensely helps local rankings and makes your listing more impactful. Never forget the mindset that believes in what you see is what you get!

6. Add labels

Organize your location into groups using labels. These labels can help search locations directly from the dashboard. 10-12 unique labels for every location should be enough. These labels should not be in excess of 50 characters.

7. Keep updating your Google My Business with relevant posts

It is evident that most of the clients looking at your My Business Listing will need to know about your performance and presence and they would use your recent posts as a reference for the same. So, it is necessary that you keep uploading posts that are engaging, relevant and show the visitors how capable you are as a brand.

8. Add multiple categories

It is extremely important that you categorize your business properly. Add multiple categories to your business. Let your clients know what are the services that you are capable of providing. Break your categories into impactful terms and add all of these terms as sub-categories. For example - if its best digital marketing company in Hyderabad, mention digital marketing and marketing company as categories.

9. Add proper keywords in your business name

Everyone with the basic knowledge of keywords knows that they play a huge role in local and regular search results. To get a higher ranking, make sure your search engine optimization is on point. Add keywords in the name of your business as well as in your content tactfully and you will see your rank getting high. Before doing that, search for proper keywords using sites like Google Keyword Tool Planner to get the best results. Or you can refer to the best SEO company in Hyderabad, Delhi or elsewhere. A good company for your preferred services would be Bhavathi Technologies, which is one of the best digital marketing company in Hyderabad.

10. Refrain from violating google's guidelines

When you are painstakingly trying to build your reputation, what is the point in jeopardizing the entire of it by violating the rules of the company? Go through the google guidelines carefully to avoid committing a mistake that can lead to suspension of your account and permanent delisting. If you want to get a high rank in Google My Business, know and follow the guidelines to not give your brand a negative reputation.


So, we can draw a conclusion from the above that as important as it is to get yourself registered on Google My Business, it is also necessary that you keep your page optimized. Correct, precise and engaging content with proper use of SEO and high-resolution pictures make sure that you are a power player. Use the above tricks wisely and from time to time to make sure that your ranking remains high, increasing your visibility in a sea of competition. This, in turn, gives your business the necessary boost and opens up your endeavor to unprecedented success.