Latest Google Algorithm Updates in SEO 2019


Google search engine algorithm updates around 800 times a year. But the changes can be minor also. Google occasionally updates major changes in the algorithms that can affect the search results which are directly proportional to the downfall of the updates or increase the rankings of the website.

Google has the major history of a famous algorithm overhaul where the changes may be restored. Google has updated recently the Board Core Algorithm which has rolled out the search engine optimization.

Some mentionable algorithms for Search Engine Marketers are:

  • Google Hummingbird
  • Google Panda algorithm
  • Google Mobile-friendly
  • Google Penguin algorithm
  • Google Top Heavy algorithm
  • Google Pirate algorithm
  • Google Pigeon algorithm
  • Rank Brain algorithm
  • Google EMD Update algorithm
  • Google Payday algorithm

Google's major updates recently

Google Panda Algorithm

This algorithm was released on Feb 24, 2011. This algorithm was introduced to penalties because of the poor sites with poor quality content. Thus, the ranking was low in the search engines. But this Google Panda was much more effective in raising the ranking in the search engines of the entire web page or the websites.

Aim of the Google Panda update

  • The website must be enriched with fresh content which will attract the user's for their sole purposes but not for the crawling purpose.
  • The keyword stuffing in the contents must be excluded.
  • The duplicate content must be removed from the webpage.
  • The keyword-stuffed title tags must be excluded.
  • The internal keyword links must not be used in the content.
  • Exclude the use of risky techniques that might hamper the rankings of SEO.

Procedure to fix this update

You need to run regular check-ups for content duplication or the keyword stuffing in order to maintain your higher priority rankings of the website. To check the content duplication you may seek help from the plagiarism checker like Copyscape, Quetext, and Grammarly.

Google Penguin Algorithm

This algorithm was released in April 2012. This algorithm update was addressed to various Google SERP's problematic phenomenon. This algorithm update was made to increase the rankings in the Search engine through some strategies like the techniques of Black Hat SEO which were built solely for the purpose of increasing rankings in SEO.

This update aimed to decrease the rankings in Search Engine Optimization which violates the guidelines given by Google webmaster.

Procedure to fix the update

You need to check regularly with a backlink checker like SEO SpyGlass, SEO review tools, SEMrush.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

This algorithm was released on August 22, 2013. This algorithm was designed for applying meaningful technology over hundreds of pages over the internet which in turn will provide you with better results with the help of a Knowledge Graph.

Previously the algorithm related terms were difficult and complicated to find the queries that were lacking in a particular subject. This Hummingbird algorithm tried to solve all types of queries on theme-related topics and gave it a considerable value in terms of Google search items.

To fix this you need to go through the related searches, synonyms and other terms in the search engine.

Google RankBrain Algorithm

This algorithm was released on October 26, 2015. This is a frequently released algorithm. This blog is basically a part of the Hummingbird algorithm and it uses machine learning in its Search Algorithms which is very unique.

Google has launched this new algorithm which is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. RankBrain is a program based on artificial intelligence specially designed to solve the queries related to the search. It enables Google to look after the search results and provide more important information regarding the query results for the users.

The engineers working on Google search can provide 70% success while this Rank Brain provides about 80% success in providing the search results. This algorithm basically helps in recognizing the latest patterns and revising the search algorithms. Google always satisfies the user with the web pages. If you optimize good and unique content, then you may get a higher rank in the Google search lists.

Google Payday Algorithm:

This algorithm was released on 11th June 2013. This algorithm is related to the Panda algorithm or the Penguin Algorithm. This algorithm aims to update the spammy sites, but the new versions mainly follow these sites.

This Pay Day Algorithm targets at the more fetching and attractive keywords like casinos, loans, sex-related or adult topics and some other keywords which are more reliable to the users and thus will make your WebPages more visible.

It enables the website to remain unaffected if you market your website in a higher ranking using different SEO techniques available.

Google Pigeon Algorithm:

This algorithm was first introduced on July 24, 2014. This search algorithm was introduced to help in changing the site visibility. This algorithm is one of the best search algorithms to date. This algorithm is implemented to provide accurate search results in Google.

The SEO updates are proportional to Google's algorithm updates which search engine receives from the user's end. Google is the founder of the SEO marketing policy and thus any changes in the Google algorithm update is essential to make your website catchy to the users and give it a the top position in the search lists.

Google monitors search results. Thus any updates in Google can affect the search results either in a positive way or in a negative way.

It is also very essential to understand the logic regarding the updates made in the algorithms. When you try to rank higher in the search results, these Google algorithms help you in increasing the visibility on the SERPs. Google Panda is one of the major algorithm updates. More or less if you are unsure of how to design a website in a way to rank it first in the search list, then you may seek help for the SEO companies in Hyderabad.

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