The purpose of digital marketing is to increase sales. Therefore converting the website visitors into high-quality leads, thus making it more progressive to marketing funnel is the goal of businesses works.

There are some aspects to achieve this goal

  • Service engine optimization: This is the first and foremost task that you need to succeed in order to make a good web page. This Search Engine Optimization basically ranks your website under the Google search bar. SEO is the most important term in digital marketing. To rank your website in the first you need to build up your website following certain consequences and tricks. If you are unable to build up your website effectively, then you can seek help from the SEO company in Hyderabad. The SEO companies in Hyderabad provide numerous help to the start-up companies in building their website so that their product can achieve a huge sale.
  • Google Analytics with lead feeder: Google Analytics helps you to know about the number of visitors on your website but lead feeder uses reverse IP to find who the visitors were. So you can now set up alerts for the individuals or companies that have visited your website repeatedly. It allows you to assign a representative to follow the visitor or you can generate an email with contextual content on the pages that the user visited.
  • Exit Pop-ups: You could design your website so that when a user is dragging towards exiting your webpage you can engage him with something interesting which may attract him more about your webpage. You can encourage him to sign up page for a free newsletter. You can also request him to create a bond with the user on social media. In return for his contact information, you can offer him with exclusive information regarding some interesting facts. In any case, this gives an opportunity to give positive consideration towards your selling products. It will also provide you a good opportunity to obtain contact information that will help you nurture him to build strong friendly relations with him.
  • Live Chat: This is one of the most effective methods of making conversation with the customers and build friendly relations with him. It helps you to interact with the user while he is live on your website. You can discuss different relevant factors with him and can personalize your messages. This creates a more emotional touch with the user as you are engaging his mind. It greatly increases the possibility of the conversation and you can also guide the users regarding the specific information they require.
  • Lead forms: It is also an excellent means to select potential customers and create product sales. Instead of having just one or two field lead form, ensure that the lead form consists of multiple fields. You need to grow up the right balance. You should be able to obtain the necessary information that you need to ensure that it too scary for the potential customers who have the urge to buy them. This accomplishes a number of things. Suppose if the user is not willing to fill all the fields, maybe he is not ready to make a purchase. The information that you are collecting will give you a summarized idea about the type of customer and thus you can adapt to it accordingly. Ensure that the fields are relevant and valid. Thus, you can assure that the leads are productive and perspective.
  • Landing pages for campaigns: While running a campaign, it is good to adapt your landing pages to the campaign. For example: if you are offering a discount and providing an advertisement regarding that then ensure that the landing forms reinforce the offer and have CTA buttons which motivate the user to convert.
  • Call to Action Buttons: Ensure that you have an appropriate call to action button accordingly. Keep it as simple as possible and also visible to the user. Bhavathi technologies is the Best SEO Company in Hyderabad who is providing these services.
  • Thank you page: As the user exits the page, you can provide a popup with the thank you caption for his visit. You could also include buttons to lead the user through your webpage to gain information about more discounts and offers that the user might be interested in.

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