Best Ways To Reduce Bounce Rates on Your Website and Increase Conversations


Bounce rate is the number of visitors visiting your website but bounce off the website from the introduction page itself without surfing for the other pages. In other words, we can define the Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who visit your website and leave after viewing the first page itself. There are various reasons which are increasing your bouncing rate of a website which may be as follows:

  1. The visitors may not like the content of your website.
  2. Your website is not attractive.
  3. Your site speed is very low.
  4. Visitors may not like UI/UX of your website.

High bounce rate on your website signifies that you need to rethink about the website design and the content marketing strategy. To check the bouncing rates of your website you can use the online tools like Alexa Ranking, etc which would help you to learn about your bouncing rates.

  • 80%+ - nearly very bad
  • 70 – 80% - satisfactory or poor
  • 50 – 70% - average
  • 30 – 50% - excellent
  • 20% or below - very less likely to happen and if happens its extraordinary website

Below are some ways which can help you to reduce the bounce rate on your website

1. Make sure to change your website design

Most importantly, you need to change the website design. The common reason for bounce rates is website design. If the website is unattractive it means the visitors do not like the contents or the feel of the website. Website design does not only mean the look but it also includes website navigation and call to action button, etc. To check whether your website is accurate or not a 10-second rule is being made.

This 10-second second process involves:

Show your website to someone for the first time and after 10 seconds give him/her some questions to answer regarding the website like what was the website about? Which product does it reveal to sell? If he/she can answer then your website is perfect. If not you probably need to recheck your website.

2. Optimize the right keywords

This basically deals with Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo have the primary search results where web pages and other contents are listed and ranked based on the search engine considers relevant to the users. These considers mainly involves the right keyword which emphasizes the entire content. Choosing the right keyword will automatically raise your webpage at the top of the ranked list and as a result, the bouncing rate will be decreased to a certain limit.

3. Keep the website fresh and updated

Always you need to keep your content or blog updated and unique. Write the content in small paragraphs with subheadings and bullet points which will help you to create a friendly relationship with the viewers and you can be trustworthy. All the information regarding the contacts or options like “Do you want to buy” must be present in case of product advertisements.

4. Avoid popup

Most of the readers get irritated by the pop-ups when they are concentrating on something. Sudden pop-ups on the website may distract their readability and annoy them. Getting irritated they might leave the website just by only reading the introduction page.

5. Optimize the loading time for the website

Due to decreasing patients of all customers or viewers, the loading time of the website must be taken care off. If more than 3 seconds are taken for loading, then one must work on the loading time of the website.

To check this loading time a lot of new online tools are developed like Pingdom where you just need to type the URL of your website and it will give you the accurate loading time of the website.

Now there are several ways to reduce the loading time of a website. Among them the simplest are as follows:

  • Structure the elements of your website accordingly as per requirements and rankings.
  • CSS can be used instead of images.
  • Multiple sheets can be merged into a single sheet.
  • The scripts can be decreased by placing them at the bottom of the page.

You also need to enhance the SEO of the website for more accurate results. One way is to improvise the keywords as discussed above. The website should be worthy and must contain the required information, as well as, it must be attractive to attract the visitors to go through the entire link. This will reduce the bounce rate of your website and reduced bounce rates will increase the effectiveness and profit of your website.

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