Best SEO Techniques in 2019


Digital Marketing is basically a marketing method of any product or service which is done with the help of internet to get maximum reach among the people. It covers all the channels like a search engine, emails, social media, and other websites. Digital marketing is a broad topic which has several parts in which various companies and businesses work to get the maximum audience reach.

Parts of digital marketing are

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Content marketing
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Pay per click
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Native advertising

These are a few examples but there are endless ways by which digital marketing can be done. The most common and widely used method is Search Engine Optimisation abbreviated as SEO. Search engine optimization is basically used to get a higher rank in the search engine results which means when a company has a good search engine optimization, it will automatically show on the first few pages when it will be searched on a search engine.

Search engine optimization is basically of two types namely On-page SEO and Off-page SEO :

1.On-Page SEO :

This type of search engine optimization focusses on all the content which is to be displayed on the website. It is basically done when the website is being made. After that, SEO is not called for use.

2.Off-Page SEO :

The off-page SEO focuses on all the activities taking place to give a higher ranking to the website throughout its life. It requires advanced and updated techniques to do so.

There are numerous techniques with which search engine optimization is done which are directory submission, social bookmarking, posting classifieds, article submission, video submission, blog submission, blog commenting, question and answers and many more.

With the advancement in technology and continuous updates of the Google crawling algorithm, these techniques lose their utility in search engine optimization very soon. Thus, it is important to be updated and watch out for the continuous updates shared by Google to have a higher rank on its search.

In 2019, many techniques have evolved which have proved to be beneficial for search engine optimization and bringing good results to companies.

The top 15 techniques for SEO in 2019 are :

1.Long blog posts

Google has started focussing on content now. Writing long as well as an informative and relatable blog post can attract a huge audience and thus can be beneficial in getting better search rankings. Also, more information about the product or service offered will be displayed with trust and transparency, more will it lure the audience to search and utilize them resulting in making a huge difference in the total profit of the company.

2.High usage of bucket brigade copywriting technique

When a user clicks on a link to a website, two possibilities are there: either he/she can surf it thoroughly or leave it in a few minutes or a few seconds too. The latter can affect the website ranking adversely. This can be avoided by using gasping articles and also by using the bucket brigade copywriting technique. This technique means the usage of connecting phrases or sentences between two paragraphs. It gives the article attractiveness and bounds the reader to spend time on the website.

3.Regular update of old content

The world is changing each moment. In this era of speed and technology, no old content is attractive or worth reading. Old contents must be updated regularly in order to have a greater reach to the audience. The website must contain technologically advanced, new and fresh content also not copied from any other website without credits to gain the attention of the users.

4.Quality backlinks

Backlinking is very important when it comes to search engine optimization. It is a link that one website gets from another. One should do the backlinking only of those websites which are linked with the topic in one way or another or have some significance in that context.

5.Good research over keywords

Keywords are those which are being searched by the user on the web. It is very important to put relevant keywords and do good research over them to gain a high rank in the search results. Keywords must be those which are estimated to be searched by the user when going to find something about the company’s website.

6.Rank-Brain friendly content

Rank-Brain is the algorithm of Google through which it gives ranking to the websites. The content must be Rank-Brain friendly because it is the primary condition to get a good ranking in Google search ranking.

7.Focus on the target audience

Again, it is the content that attracts the audience the most. The content should be understandable to every age group in the audience, must be plagiarism free, relatable to the target audience, usage of tough or rude words must be avoided and the whole content must be composed and give a clear idea about what the given website is about.

8.Usage of internal links

Digital Marketing experts analyze the website’s SEO to work with it and to suggest what improvements should be done on the website’s SEO to improve its ranking with the rules and regulations of Google being followed simultaneously.

10.Posting quality content on social media

Social media has a majestic number of audience. Thus, it is mandatory to post quality content on all the social media websites and applications to keep the audience engaged and updated about the website and its products and services.

11.Better headlines

Headlines must be engaging, tempting and attractive to gain the attention of readers so that more and more users click and wish to know about the products or services offered by the website.

12.Using appropriate tags

Using appropriate tags while doing SEO both On-page and Off-page will help in better search results especially visual contents need most appropriate tags so that readers get the right message seeing it.

13.Using video submissions

Video submissions act as a boom to the website’s ranking as videos are engaging, attractive and entertaining when made properly. Video submissions should be done and creative videos should be made for the website’s promotion which delivers all the services it offers.

14.Mobile-friendly websites

Most of the audience now browse through their mobile phones. The websites must be a mobile, laptop, tablet compatible so that users do not find any difficulty surfing them.

15.Improving page loading speed

People nowadays do not wait for a website to load rather they shift to other websites. Thus, the page loading speed must be fast and smooth.

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