Best Website Analytics Tools For Better Site


Potential customers are to be carefully held by any of the business owners. Hence, any of the owners have the right knowledge of how important it is to retain the potential customers, but successfully satisfying them. The answer lies in the patterns of the behavior portrayed by the website visitors, which helps them determine how the visitors can be served with extraordinary support and assistance. If you wish to know the path to this answer, the best route would be profound analytics.

A website acts on your business's behalf, providing information about your services, and this is where profound analytics will prove to be of greater benefit. If you wonder how is it to be done, we have come up with 5 web analytics tools, which have the excellent capability of tracking the page visitors and the behaviors they portray by keeping track of their activities.

Web analytics

Web analytics, when explained in the best short manner, would be - you will be able to track your visitors as in the emergence of where they came from, if they check for the updates available or if they have an interest in the internal links provided in the website, such as the face links. This tracking of behavior patterns will let you deploy the right SEO strategy to enhance the SEO marketing of your company while improving the performance as well. If you have queries relating to this, you may avail for Bhavathi Technologies services which provide quality digital marketing services as well as SEO services.

1.Google Analytics

This great platform helps business owners to track customer's information such as age, gender, first language, geographical location; website bounce rates as well as the visiting patterns. This is the aggregate reason why digital marketing agency and owners highly prefer this tool to perform exclusive yet detailed website analytics. This tool, however, maybe a lot more complex than you would expect, as there is the presence of numerous features. But, one the tool is well versed with, it becomes easy to carry on the operations.

2.Adobe Analytics

A lot of business owners wish to gather their website's performance in-depth and rather wish to launch intensive analytics. Adobe Analytics is the key to such an SEO agency and marketers. We referred to this tool as an intensive analytics source as it offers cross-channel attribution features, predictive intelligence, as well as 360-degree consumer analysis. With such features, the tool is capable of delivering deep insight into the website's performance. The best part is that you get a great proportion of time to keep track of customer behavior and respond.

3.Crazy Egg

This offers a visual image of the website's click which gives assurance to render great experience to the digital marketing companies in Hyderabad. This is referred to as a great tool because it portrays the special area which the maximum number of clicks. Though not an overall performance, it can be used to develop strategies in a manner which would result to be profitable to your organization.


This tool can be compared to a surveillance camera, as it lets you monitor the customer's behavior in real-time. The most attractive feature this tool offers is a mouse-like a pointer which lets you witness the visitor's actions.


If you wish to know how well your newly launched, or existing product is doing, you might want to consider this option. Hence, it is yet another tool which helps you know your website's performance by collecting in the feedback delivered by the customers and taking necessary actions against it. You may avail for the features such as surveys to get the information you are in search of.

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