20 Advanced SEO Techniques to Improve Search Rankings in 2020


We live in a digital era, there's no two ways about it. Even the Prime Minister of our country has a vision of making everything digital, that goes well with the idea of a world which runs on multiple computer networks. With the introduction of cheap data rates, India has seen an evident increase in the number of online service providers. From shopping to ordering food, everything can be done on the internet, thanks to the tech giants like Flipkart, Swiggy, Ola etc.

However, among these giants, we have small business ventures that are striving for success. In order to be successful, it is important for people to notice their work and that is where SEO also Known as Search Engine Optimization comes into the picture.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one such technique which helps the user to increase traffic on their websites without paying a lot of money. If someone has a person who is proficient in SEO on your team then it is a big relief for them and it takes off a lot of load from their Digital Marketing team as well.

Digital Marketing and SEO are two keys which when done right will definitely help a business grow.

There are many companies that provide SEO services in Hyderabad and each of them claims to be the Best SEO Company in Hyderabad. However, you must do your research before picking one of the said "best SEO company in Hyderabad" because not all of them will be delivering what they're promising. BHAVATHI TECHNOLOGIES, however, is one name that truly fits the definition of being the best SEO company in Hyderabad. It has the best solutions for Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and many more such techniques.

SEO services in Hyderabad are available at different costs, but one has to research where they should get their work done from so that their money is not wasted. Also, to choose the best SEO services in Hyderabad one should be aware of the difference ways in which SEO works and see for themselves if their service provider is doing the right jobs.

To guide you in this, here are top 20 SEO techniques to improve your search rankings this year:

  1. One should improve their titles and descriptions to get better Click-Through Rate.
  2. Use more links within your underperforming articles to get better traffic there.
  3. You must understand that randomly adding links anywhere will not help you, so pick the right spots.
  4. Use the "Middleman Method" to make money via pages having your blog posts.
  5. Work on your content such that it gets featured on the search results of Google by using keywords.
  6. Keep updating your existing content.
  7. Make use of the Trial and Error Method.
  8. Google analytics is another tool that favours SEO.
  9. Exploit the absence of content. Create some rare content and put it online, works like magic.
  10. Many times you see names like Google, Quora, Flipkart etc but they don't take you anywhere when clicked on. Convert these words into links.
  11. Do not let content gap hinder your path. Make sure that you have as much content as your competitors, if not more.
  12. Make use of your competitors dead pages to create links.
  13. To prevent your images from getting stolen, use softwares that bar the reuse of images used by you if they haven't given you credits.
  14. Make your content shareable and easy to comprehend.
  15. Also, interact with people that may help your content reach out to a larger audience.
  16. SERP is a new SEO technique that stands for Search Engine Result Page.
  17. Make Knowledge Panels of your firm available online.
  18. With devices like Alexa, Voice SEO has also come into play these days.
  19. Blockchain is one SEO technique that takes a good amount of time to understand, so you may not want to take interest there.
  20. Lastly, make sure that your content is worth people's time.

These were some SEO techniques that can help a business grow not just in Hyderabad but in any corner of the world, but if you are in Hyderabad then you must consider BHAVATHI TECHNOLOGIES as one of your primary options for SEO solutions.