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Web Designing and Development

Web Designing and Web development refer to developing a unique website with a unique design that can be hosted on the internet or intranet. If the website is to be hosted on the internet then it means the website is generated for a larger number of people to view, it will be available worldwide. And if the site is developed for intranet then it is developed for local users and thus will be designed and developed by the designer/developer accordingly. So the development and design of a web site vary according to the audience it is made for and according to services or products which are provided by the company for which it has been made.

Search Engine Optimization

Now let's understand what is the procedure for this. First of all, what exactly is this process? The process of web development does not only include the coding part that HTML, Java and other computer languages provide, but the crucial part is also developing and designing the website which involves gathering information, planning in detail, and then reviewing and launching the website.

And that is what we are going to discuss in this article, the different stages of web development. Although there are different stages but the picture as a whole remains the same. Now let's look at the process step by step that is involved in developing and designing a website.

1. Information Gathering

This is the first and main step in website development as it determines how the further steps are going to be. At this stage, understand and finalize the purpose of your website, keeping the audience in mind. An e-commerce website is completely different than an informative website and it attracts a different audience as well. So you need to think, collect information and come to a conclusion about the main goals that you want to achieve with the website you are creating and the audience you want to target.

2. Planning

The next step is to create a plan and create a structure with information collected in the previous step. This is about creating a sitemap with the data that will give you an idea of how your website will look to the customers or to the target audience.

3. Designing

Now the next step is to start the process by selecting or creating an appropriate design, and layout for the site. The visual content for the website is also created at this stage such as images, videos, and photos with the information gathered in the first step. Again the important thing is to keep in mind the purpose and the target audience.

4. Content writing

The writing part usually overlaps with other steps of creating a website. But at this stage, you need to put in the most important details, the things you want to convey to the audience of your website. It involves creating catchy headlines and writing and editing the text, compiling the existing one. This takes time as it is a creative process.

5. Coding

This is the time to start coding, hence creating your website with different graphical elements and testing it. All the information that was gathered earlier and the images and videos that were created needs to be put in according to the sitemap as decided in step 2. The other important aspect is Search Engine optimization for which a valid code is very necessary.

6. Testing, Reviewing and Launching

The final step is to test the code and links that you have created after reviewing the design, layout, graphical elements, and the content thoroughly. You should check that everything that you have created and wanted to display is working properly. After successful testing of the website, you are ready to launch your website on the internet.

The next thing is to maintain and regularly update your website in the future according to the trends.

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