Writing an Annotated Bibliography


A bibliography is often associated with a thorough study of books and pieces, followed by writing them into citations and summaries. Today, the bibliography has its relevance in literature.

The bibliography is often provided with annotations, which is a briefing of the content in the form of suitable notes or vocabulary explanations. These are presented along with the bibliographies so that reader could quickly summarize the content. Annotations help the readers to stay informed about the authenticity of the article that they are reading and also to point out the accuracy and relevance of the bibliography.

The quality and the relevance of the bibliography will depend on the research done on a particular topic. If the research has not been done correctly, your bibliography might not get approved. Hence it is essential to provide an alphabetical list of the resources which you have referred to. Also, define your scope of research and then judge what should be included and what should be excluded.

Writing Annotated Bibliographies as a part of the Research Thesis

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