Woes of PhD candidates


A doctorate degree is believed to be the key to a better job. There is a dearth of well-paying jobs throughout the world. As a result, many institutes have sprung up to provide PhD assistance. The PhD degree is coveted throughout the world, because it is difficult to achieve. Only a handful of students manage to attain this degree.

Here, the PhD candidates have their own woes. Let us take a look at the woes of the PhD candidates.

Woes of PhD Candidates:

The doctorate candidates try to attain this prestigious degree because the competitive job market threatens people with unemployment. During this period, they need to submit a dissertation. A dissertation topic means a summary of the research. The doctorate candidates prepare this ideally handwritten or typed document towards the end of their course. This document is the most scoring part of the degree. It seems that the woes of most of the students surround this dissertation. Some of the most brilliant research scholars have lost out on their marks because of an ill-presented dissertation.

So, let us check out some of their woes:

Topics: The research scholar should choose the right topic. Those who have chosen a topic upon which others have worked earlier they seem to run out of unique material. On the contrary, if they choose a material which is absolutely new, they do not have adequate material on which they can work. The topic needs to be plagiarism free at all costs.

If they do not have passion for and interest in the topic on which they write, the dissertation reflects this indifference. As a result, it loses crucial points. Another challenge lies in establishing the proper aims and objectives to justify this topic.

Approach: The data needs to be collected and analyzed. The candidates are often unable to judge their own abilities to express while collating data. The appropriateness of their method for data collection also proves problematic sometimes. This may result in inability to score high marks. Research reveals that 60% of the dissertations submitted worldwide had ill-presented dissertations. The task of analyzing and interpreting the data may also turn out to be a challenge, since it needs mathematical intellect. Studies also reveal that 67% of the research scholars didn’t follow the present research design.

Analysis: Only the data which is being used, cannot affect the dissertation. Also, the alignment of research with the objectives it aspires to achieve is also taken into consideration.

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