Why is Theoretical Framework is Important in Research


Conducting research is a big step of advancement, career-wise. But at the same time, doing a study is not easy at all. Researching on a topic comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties. The path only gets tougher. But it is not inappropriate to believe that if you can nail the first step, then you can nail the entire research.

The first step includes the Introduction. It forms the basis of your research, which is going to be tested almost regularly. And this includes something called Theoretical Framework. In simple words, a Theoretical Framework is a compilation of concepts which form the basis of your research. Since you are conducting research, it is evident that you have an original idea, which you want to support or contradict in your research. This idea is your theoretical framework. The most exciting thing about the theoretical framework is that it has reference to the original documentation of the said concept. Theoretical framework also represents the source from which you picked up the inspiration for your research. Theoretical research forms the groundwork for your research investigation.

Doing research is one thing, but writing about it is at a whole new level. You need to follow many protocols. And even if you have done everything right, but your theoretical framework has loopholes, your research is doomed. To avoid such mishaps, Bhavathi Technologies offer excellent PhD guidance related to the theoretical framework. With their helpful PhD assistance, there is no stopping you!

Why is the theoretical framework essential for a research study?

  • Critical analysis- It allows the reader to refer to the source of origin. The theoretical framework works as a better guidance system. It directs your reader in a positive direction.
  • Theoretical framework rings together various concepts which might be closely related. This close relationship should be studied deeply before taking crucial steps in the study. Many concepts together might not be the best idea, but that way, you can at least eliminate all negative parts.
  • Theoretical framework appeals to the researcher in you and helps you answer questions like why and how. These questions work as the driving fuel, which keeps the research wheels in motion. And this is beneficial for the reader as well. A proper theoretical framework encourages similar questions in the reader's minds, and this automatically ignites a spark of interest in your research work.
  • As mentioned earlier, theoretical framework forms the basis of any research. Therefore, it helps to determine the limiting factors of your study. You can also identify factors which have a positive and a negative impact on your research.

Besides everything, the prime purpose of the theoretical framework is to back up the initially delicate front of research. We all know that any action without a cause has no meaning. And similarly, if you go on pursuing a study which is not backed up with a proper theoretical framework, it will make no sense. And of course, you don't want that, do you? You want your hard work to pay off. Just approach Bhavathi Technologies, they offer the best PhD assistance in Hyderabad.

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