What are the problems faced by PhD scholars


PhD is a very important step in one's life. It is an advancement in your career that is much anticipated and desired. We all want progress in our career, but this isn't that simple. The career path may seem easy, but the reality is something different. A PhD field does not easy to decide on, most of it depends on the hard work put in by the aspirant. But there are other factors which affect your decision too.

The most common and the biggest issue faced by PhD students is the unusual nature of the degree. PhD in itself is an atypical field which is very different from whatever you have dealt with before. As you know, not everyone goes for such higher studies. There is barely a handful who aspire to obtain the degree of PhD and out of those only a few actually, make it.

PhD is an esteemed degree and only a few get through it. This reduces the probability of receiving any sort of guidance or even prior knowledge regarding PhD degree. There are no role models or mentors to guide you through the process. You need to do it all on your own!

Another major issue faced by PhD students is thesis writing. Thesis forms a major part of your PhD career. They are the core of your PhD work. All your research, experiments and methodologies are recorded in one place. This forms the record of your hard work, something that will be published or used as a reference by future generations.

And this is the reason why it is absolutely necessary that your thesis is pitch-perfect. An important aspect to focus on is that your thesis should have references to theories which form the basis of your work. But at the same time, should not be a total repetition of those theories.

Thesis writing and PhD studies require deep knowledge in the field of work. Superficial knowledge will deliver you nothing. Through an understanding of the topic and your research work is essential for proper thesis formation. This is what forms the basis of a successful study and brings you a little closer to your PhD degree.

It has also been observed that PhD students find it difficult to bring out the originality in their thesis. Thesis writing is no doubt an overwhelming task, and somewhere the originality is lost. This is a serious drawback and can affect your thesis is an extremely negative way. Most people don't know, but your thesis should be written in a manner which can be easily perceived by the masses. It is important to cover all the basic topics, and progress to describe your work.

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