Useful Tips to Consider Before and While You Apply for Your Ph.D.


Doctor of Philosophy or a Ph.D. is one of the highest academic qualifications one can achieve. It is a highly respected degree that offers a myriad of opportunities to the pursuers after completion. However, as beneficial as a Ph.D. is, it is also highly competitive. After Masters, students often find themselves confused as to which programs and universities to opt for when planning to do a Ph.D. They often find themselves without any proper Ph.D. Guidance that can help them before and throughout the entire application process. This Ph.D. Assistance becomes even more important if you are a fresher and have no prior experience.

Tips to consider before Applying

While proper guidance is absolutely necessary, there are certain small things which if kept in mind can really help you in getting admission into a good university. Here is a simple checklist that can help you in applying for a Ph.D. :-

  • Proper Research - Information is power they say. Research can help you in making informed decisions about your program, project topics, and universities. It can help you determine the university that provides the best programs for your area of specialization. Early research helps you gain an edge over other competitors.
  • Knowledge about Faculty - While conducting research, people often look for universities but what they forget is to research about the faculty. It is vital that you look into the experience and reputation of the faculty of the particular program you are specializing in. Looking into their previous dissertations can help in this regard.
  • Talk to previous Ph.D. students - Talking to previous Ph.D. students can really help you in getting an idea about the admission process, selection interviews and universities to look out for. Talking to them can give you useful insights and help in the smooth admission process. They provide you the Ph.D. Assistance that you require.
  • Be Organised - Organisation is the key to being successful. Maintaining proper checklists and being organized can help you in getting into your desired university. Systematically building your resume and checking if you have all the documents in place are some ways you can avoid being rushed during the admission process.

Tips to consider while Applying

There are many things which are to be kept in mind while actually applying. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind to get admission into a reputed university -

  • Eligibility Criteria - Many universities have eligibility criteria that need to be considered while applying for a particular university. It may be restrictions on the age limit for application or the subjects compulsory for getting an admission. One should really take care while applying to ensure that the eligibility criteria are met otherwise the application will be canceled without even a consideration.
  • Application deadline - Most universities have a deadline for submitting applications. Many students forget to abide by this deadline and end up regretting their neglect. Things like application deadline may appear trivial but are extremely critical to get admission into your desired university.
  • Entry requirements - Entry Requirements include necessary proofs and documents required for admission like a foreign language certificate if you are applying for a Ph.D. in a foreign language. Many universities also have entrance exams that are considered by the admission committee while taking the selection decision.
  • Application Forms - Your application form is a deciding factor in your admission into your desired university. Your application form is your introduction to the committee and helps in leaving a long lasting impression. While applying, one should ensure that documents like academic records, resume, and letters of recommendation from known individuals, project proposal for your Ph.D. and Letter of Motivation are in place.

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