Types of Research Method that Researchers need to follow


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Research Methods is a section of your thesis where you need to write about the different methods undertake during the research phase. This section demands a detailed description of all the research methods you put to use. This helps the reader understand your approach. And it allows them to analyse how you reached to a certain conclusion.

Research and thesis writing require long commitment and a lot of hard work. When it comes to research methods, there are over six types of methods usually adopted by researchers. Even if you don't apply these methods, it is important to have substantial knowledge in this area.

Here is a list of the types of research methods that all researchers need to follow.

  • Qualitative research- Qualitative research is a research mechanism where one attempts to explore a certain experience. And express it in scientific terms. This is the most basic type of research method adopted by researchers. A subject pool is set and each subject is questioned. You can either do it in person or circulate a questionnaire. The basis of qualitative research is to compile a set of open and closed ended questions. The researcher studies these responses and deduces the underlying pattern. You can use this type of research method when you have ample time. And it is most commonly used to study social norms and mind set.
  • Quantitative research- Quantitative research takes into account a PhD thesis and intends to prove its validity or vice versa. The most important thing about quantitative research is data collection. While following a quantitative research method, a researcher collects relevant data and charts them out. Statistical methods of study are applied and a report is generated. This report consists of the findings of the researchers. And the statistical data to back it up.
  • Problem solving research- This is a special approach where a problem is considered and different tactics are applied to come up with a solution.
  • Problem oriented study- This type od study intends to analyse a problems. The "problem" is the basis of this type of research. And a researcher tends to dissolve this issue by applying appropriate means.
  • Applied research- In such type of research approach, the knowledge of science is put into application. The results are noted and compiled in a thesis.
  • Basic research- Basic research intends to modify and improve pre-defined scientific theories. In this field a researcher works on certain scientific theories and makes some theoretical derivations which have the potential to be modified in future.

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