The guide to your Ph.D. application


A Ph.D. or a Doctor of Philosophy degree is considered the highest educational qualification in any field. It is known to be the highest degree one can achieve in their chosen subject. A Ph.D. can be done in most subjects. It offers the person a great amount of knowledge in the subject which helps them in significantly contributing to the field. A Ph.D. ensures you a steady and stable job that pays you much more than a job after your graduation would pay owing to your increased knowledge. Along with being one of the highest paid jobs, a Ph.D. is also one of the most respected persons.

Steps in Ph.D. Application

However, as good as a Ph.D. sound, it is also quite tough to get into a good institution for getting your Ph.D. This process of applying becomes even more intense if you are a fresher without any proper supervision and insufficient research. Ph.D. Guidance, in this case, becomes vital given the number of steps involved in the process. Before looking for a proper guide it is important to understand the steps involved in a Ph.D. application.

  1. Research on available programs - Research is the key to a successful application. Starting early gives you a great advantage over other candidates and helps you prepare better. It gives you knowledge about the available programs and the universities that are offering these programs. Research ensures that you don't miss out on the deadlines for filling up the application forms of your desired university.
  2. Decide what area do you want to specialize in - There are various areas within the same subject that can be explored according to your interests. Deciding the area you want to specialize in helps you in better decision making regarding your university.
  3. Choose a topic - After you have chosen your area of specialization, the next step involves deciding the topic you want to research and create a project on. The topic chosen should centre on your ideas and shouldn't be overambitious. The topic should be interesting and different from old research projects.
  4. Find a potential supervisor - While creating your Ph.D. research project, you need a supervisor who helps you along with the entire project. A good supervisor is a necessity that can really make a difference in your project. Looking out for potential supervisors is the key to a good application.
  5. Apply to your supervisor formally - After finding your potential supervisor, a formal application letter to the supervisor shall be sent for reserving your slot with him or her. It can also help in creating a first good impression on your supervisor.
  6. Ask questions - Constantly asking questions can help you in increasing your knowledge beyond books. Take as much knowledge as you can from your supervisor by asking them questions about their past experiences and about your own project to gain in:depth knowledge about the same.
  7. Fill up the application form - This is the most crucial step in your application process. While filling up your application form, you need to ensure that you have the following in place
  • Academic records - A clean academic record can really help you create a good first impression and even land a scholarship.
  • Language certificate - If you are doing a Ph.D. in a foreign language, then passing an exam in the language is necessary.
  • Letter of Recommendation - Letter of recommendation from known and respected individuals can help you in proving your capability and suitability for admission.
  • Letter for Motivation - An attractive research proposal and letter of the motivation behind the research project has a positive impact on the admission committee.
  • Resume - A diverse resume shows your versatility in your chosen fields as well as other extracurricular activities.

These are the steps involved in your Ph.D. application process.

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