Start Writing A Magnificent Research Proposal To Boost Up Research


A Research proposal is basically a document comprising of 3000-4000 words which summarise the research that you may undertake in the future. There are various universities that require the Ph.D. applicants to submit a research proposal before starting with the research work so that the professor may get an outline of your work and guide you accordingly.

Method to write a Research proposal effectively

This is the most common question among Ph.D. scholars. If you are dedicated and serious about your research work that you are going to undertake soon, then you have more chances to succeed in your goal and write a paper with good quality and the paper will be unique. You just need to remember that in your proposal you need to highlight and supervise your thoughts about how you are going to proceed in your work and achieve success. You also need to create the proposal in a well-mannered way so that it may reflect your studiousness and dedication towards the professors.

1. Understand the purpose of writing this Ph.D. proposal

  • Design a testable model and layout model for your writing.
  • It will enhance the ideas to build up your final model.

Understanding these reasons will influence you in writing the proposal writing process successively.

2. Grow a working title

When you are looking for a working title for your research proposal, then you need to solve the following questions which will show you the right title:

  • What is the problem which your research is seeking to solve?
  • What your researches prove?
  • For whom is this research relevant?

3. Follow the correct format of writing

The sections that a research proposal should have are:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature work
  • Thesis statement
  • Approach
  • Potential outcomes
  • Limitations
  • Contributions to your idea or knowledge
  • Proposed chapters you have gone through for the research work.

4. Planning to write your Ph.D. research proposal

You need to plan your proposal before you start writing. This the most important portion as unplanned writing can never succeed. The structure to write a proposal of a Ph.D. is as follows:

  • Roadmap.
  • Work out any content that you want to include in your writing.
  • Explain to methodology about how you are going to build your working model.
  • Description of the data that you are using in your research.
  • Review the data so that no error occurs in your paper.
  • Introduction
  • An Abstract
  • A Bibliography

Why a research proposal is required?

Nevertheless, this is the most important requirement before starting off with your Ph.D. thesis. This is because, the research proposals help the future supervisor to best understand your thinking process, about what you are going to do about your research work, and how much is your knowledge or interest in that particular topic. Especially this research proposal is the best way to frame your thinking process, and outline the path of studies that you should do in order to write a successful thesis.

A research proposal must include the following topics:

  • A working title relevant to your research
  • The detailed review of the study
  • Recognition of relevant researches done earlier by the scholars.

How to challenge previous researches?

  • Key research questions
  • Bibliography
  • Planning or timing of your model which shows the efficiency of the model
  • The writing should be of length 1500-2000 words and not exceed more than that.

These are the key points that may help you in developing a good research model which seems to be attractive to your future guide. This will enhance your writing process as well as create a good impression of them.

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