Recent PhD Research Topic Ideas for Electronics and Communication 2020


PhD Research Topic ideas - What does it mean

Students who are pursuing PhD usually have a passion for research on their chosen subjects. It may be due to a desire to be intellectually challenged and guided towards becoming a global expert in their field of study. However, the challenge lies in choosing a particular topic, theory, or issue that appears to motivate your curiosity.

When navigating through several interesting research topics, it becomes quite important to strike the right balance between curiosity and societal needs. Besides, funding agencies come forward to fund compelling research proposals based on meaningful and highly relevant topics. Selecting a good research topic can help you in increasing the odds of your academic success.

PhD research topic ideas for ECE - 2020 - Overview

Selecting the right PhD research topic idea in Electronics and Communication Engineering is your stepping-stone to creating the right dissertation. As such, Bhavathi Technologies can help as your PhD guidance in India by ensuring you shortlist the topics that you have in your mind based on different factors where it can provide PhD assistance in providing research topics ideas for electronic and communication engineering for 2020.

Bhavathi Technologies through its PhD guidance services helps you in finding the right brain storm research topics with the help of research advisors, experts, and research seminars/conferences by networking with established researchers in electronics and communication engineering for 2020.

Our technical specialists at Bhavathi Technologies approach the PhD students to get some informative details regarding their research interests. To begin with, we try to understand your domain interest in the researching field for instance electronics and telecommunication engineering.

Common mistakes while choosing research topics - Glance

Sometimes, students of PhD and early stage researchers commit several mistakes while choosing their research topic. Some of the most common mistakes include-

  • Choosing an obscure, irrelevant or non-compelling research topic
  • Extending their thesis work even after graduate school
  • Letting PhD advisors of guides choose research topics rather than developing their own reading or experiences in the laboratory or research field.

A good thesis advisor or service provider providing PhD guidance or PhD assistance services can help you in choosing the right research topic idea and in this case in electronics and telecommunication engineering. A good thesis advisor enables his or her students in choosing a good research topic.

However, before embarking on choosing the right topic, the research student should understand how the topic is viable for his/her PhD project. The chosen topic should be turned into a manageable research question. As a research student in electronics and communication engineering - 2020, you can choose from the below mentioned topics such as-

  • An improved image processing algorithm using pattern recognition through Artificial Intelligence techniques
  • Design and implementation of vehicle parking system using image based feature extraction and pattern recognition technique
  • Data set augmentation using Generative Adversarial networks in medical imaging

You can choose these topics provided you remain faithful to your initial topic and research questions that are well designed.