Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Synopsis


A synopsis is the unavoidable part of the educational journey. It serves to ensure that your supervisor gets a new picture of your proposed project. While preparing your synopsis, you should restrict the size of your research area with the length of dissertation required by the university.

The synopsis should be brief, precise and adequate. The significance of the synopsis is that it should be efficiently laid down the main story from beginning to end, to complete the reader’s script. Writing a synopsis for a novel is a different work.

The common mistakes we do while the synopsis writing process is:

Step 1: Choosing the wrong verb tense

There is almost no exception to this rule for novels, some writers choose past tense and validate between verb tense start from the right foot with a past tense verb to make the synopsis clear.

Step 2: Not showing a clear plot

Sometimes writers will mention what seems like an important plot point, but then the issues appear to resolve. If you pick up the tread of one plot element or subplot, your synopsis should show that your novel offers a conclusion. Also, be sure that the pacing of your main conflict has lots of forwarding momentum and shape, particularly if you’re working in a traditional genre.

Step 3: Not offering a clear transition

Yes, we know that A is followed by B but why? The other son, who believes he should have inherited everything leaves the country. What’s missing here? You got it. The cause part of cause and effect. Unless you’re writing a mystery (in which it helps to draw the attention to unsolved the question).

Step 4: Lazy writing

Many writers quit by the time they write a synopsis, thinking that their novel’s manuscript pages will not be good enough to excite a literary agent or editor. But a new writer should strive to be the complete package and that means writing a synopsis that compels and bring a new story to life.

Step 5: Not giving away the ending

There may be no greater mark of the amateur novelist than a writer who turns into a synopsis to a literary agent or editor with a ‘cliff hanger ending’. The point of a synopsis is that the agent/editor can know with accuracy what he/she is agreeing to represent. Your synopsis should always provide the full scope of your story from beginning to end.

Thesis statement for synopsis writing

A thesis statement is essential to writing a good synopsis. The thesis statement is the hook on which the rest of your synopsis hangs. It should state an opinion to be specific with the thesis research. The synopsis is supposed to reflect your understanding of the topic and the research you’ve done in the novel writing.

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