Is Google A Right Source For Identifying My Literature Review?


Literature review is one of the crucial research processes in academic research. Hence, in our article today we will go through the guidance of performing a literature review. Google is a widely used browser and a student goes to Google for identification or collection of papers that are published relevant to one’s field. Moreover, a big question lies in front of the students and they often think that is Google the right choice to perform literature review? Bhavathi Technologies helps students by providing PhD guidance and in our blog today we also go through the points that clears the dilemma of several students.

There is no doubt in the fact that Google Search is efficient. There lies a customized version as well to search for academic articles that is known as Google Scholar. Let us know some facts as to why Google is the right source for identifying the literature review.

Availability of a lot of information

A clear description of the research domain should be understood and the derivations for collection of literature using Google Scholar. You can search for a query by typing it into the search bar. Numerous links are displayed with required information and you may find it difficult to identify the right link. Google Scholar is a repository that contains all important sites. With PhD Assistance, students will understand how to collect information better.

Use citation to perform backward search

Information is provided by the Google scholar search about the article that is available in the result pages of search engine. The links available are all clickable and they also contain cited sources. A lot of information is gathered effectively about a particular topic and you can also determine whether the information can be utilized for your research domain or not.

Try using incognito mode

The standard mode remembers history and it remembers the links that have been clicked in the past. It also provides bits of information about the article. Using the standard mode is not appropriate every time since it impacts next search. While collecting information for academic work it is not great to collect information on a particular subject. According to the PhD assistance in India, using incognito mode is a lot effective. Consider going incognito for collecting literature review. The results in this mode are not reflected from previous searches.

Stay organized with libraries

Google Scholar allows the creation of your own library. You can also save your searched results in the library. The library can also be built for specific research topics or any other field of interest. Whenever you think that a particular link contains information for your research, save it in your library and refer whenever necessary. Use Google Scholar for specific libraries when results for a domain are collected.

Advanced Search

Google Advanced search offers appropriate and effective literature review. It is very effective in preparing a literature review that is unique in several ways. A student can perform filters and other settings related to different parameters while performing their search. For example, you can select a time range to search for data during that particular time period.

Google Scholar is an effective tool to select a literature review. Appropriate PhD guidance in India also helps to collect literature review and collect several relevant articles for your research