How To Take Intellectual And Exciting Topics For Your Research


Ph.D. research is the ultimate and the most important degree that anyone can have in his/her educational life. But obtaining this degree is really a hectic job as one should have enough depth about the subject that they are choosing for their Ph.D. degree.

Not only that, one should have the patience of researching through the topic day-night long to create a clear idea about the topic and you can also bring out some innovative developments which are unique and maybe effective the other researches.

Doing Ph.D. requires a lot of researches, thus you need to choose an exciting as well as intellectual topic. Selecting these types of topics is a complex task for Ph.D. scholars.

The scholars are expected to select their own research topic for their studies which must be benefitting the developing technology in some ways. It is necessary to maintain the perfect balance. Selecting the topic will directly reflect the possibilities of a good career as well as a good academic sense.

Steps to select a good topic for the completion of your Ph.D.

The ability to choose an intellectual as well as an exciting topic is a very important skill which is often rewarded with good careers in the future. When you are determining the topic you need to follow the following steps:

  • Choose a topic on which research had been done previously by other scholars. This will increase your knowledge of the domain.
  • Ensure that you have an interest in that topic.
  • Flexibility is required.
  • You need to research the topic on a daily basis so that the continuity is maintained otherwise you may lose interest over that topic.
  • Formulate a problem statement from the previous researches and try to solve it.

Tips to inculcate exciting topics for your Ph.D. research

  • Before writing your own thesis make sure to read various other writings over that topic which will flourish you with better ideas and knowledge about the topic and then start writing your own topic.
  • Make sure that the topic you have chosen is passionate for you. It must be interesting to you otherwise the PhD degree will be unachievable to you rather it would be a burden to you.
  • You need to sort some relevant ideas regarding the topics. Rather you may refer certain sources that you might have come across during your master's degree.
  • It is better to consider different ideas rather than considering only one idea. At the initial stage, start with one idea, but after that start with variations for the betterment of your writing.
  • Before starting with your thesis writing, you need to spend more time on what sort of development you would like to make on the existing topic which will make it different from the other researches and benefit somehow. You need to be sure that the idea should be unique and nobody has already completed similar research. For that, you need to read all possible researches on that topic.
  • The new idea must be adaptable to new possibilities.
  • The research topic must be to the point.
  • You need to test your new idea to be sure that your main research question may change in terms of approach and thinking.

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