How To Select The Right Topic For Your PhD In Computer Science


PhD in computer science is a doctorate degree in computer science, this degree is not considered as an equivalent degree. If you have basic knowledge in computer science, then it must be known to you that computer science mainly deals with the algorithms, data computations using hardware and software, and also the principles involved for their implementation.

Choosing The Right Topic

For choosing a topic in computer science, you must be very careful. The field is vast as its parent field is mathematics. Thus if you have a look over certain important factors then it might be easier for you while choosing the appropriate topic for completing your doctorate degree.

You need to focus on a topic that will add value to your field and it will cause any betterment or improvement to the existing ones. This may help you in receiving funds even. Basically, you can either create something unique or you may focus on the improvement of existing ones.

If you have an interesting area or topic on which you may like to do PhD, then you have to read about the existing developments, researches and the different processes that the other researchers that they have gone through. Reading the literature will provide an idea as well as help to identify the different research gaps. You must consult with your mentor on which research gap will be feasible for your research.

The research gaps can be easily identified by studying the future works of the previous papers. You can be critical of the existing limitations that the previous researchers could not develop. Also, there are many enigmatic areas in computer science. There are many unsolved questions in computer science. You can study them and find solutions relating to the problems.

Major current research topics based on computer science are as follows

  • Computational complexity: This is the process of arranging the computational process on the basis of the complexity of the algorithms which had various problems unsolved. This includes the relationship between NQP and P, Classic P versus NP, other unique games, the separation between the cases of complexity, etc.
  • Polynomial versus non-polynomial time in specific algorithmic problems: Continuation in the computation complexity is an NP intermediate complex case that contains related problems of algebra, computational geometry, Boolean logic, number theory, and topology, and many others.
  • Algorithmic problems: The questions within the existing algorithms can be improved using the new processes and technologies.
  • Natural language processing algorithms: Natural language processing is a very essential field in computer science which has an onset of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Plenty of researches is being carried out in this field as these topics are a hotcake in today's software industry. You can research this topic in building faster and more perfect ways to syllabify them.
  • Programming Language theory: The scope of research in this topic is evergreen. There are several ways to design, implement, analyze and classify programming languages to develop new programming languages that would be much more user-friendly and effective than the remaining ones.

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