How do I prepare for Ph.D. Viva, Ph.D. Presentation, Ph.D. Viva Questions



Ph.D. is a doctorate degree that is accomplished after completing all our academic studies and finally doing research and completing your degree. After the completion of your master's degree, you can go for a PhD Assistance for higher education. They must have a good enough academic score in their master's to get considered in the Ph.D. program. It is actually considered as the highest degree in your academic fields in every university and in every country. After completion of this degree, an individual can concentrate on fields to get appointed as a scientist, researcher or professor in many fields.

Requirement of viva

It is an oral test taken to check your ability and preparation in front of a panel of experts. These experts ask you questions related to your subject or to your field. They check how well you are prepared and how much you have an idea in your field.

Ph.D. Viva include

Basically, a viva is questioning students about their fields. Many questions and answers are being carried through this entire session. Similarly like any other viva session, a PhD Guidance viva session has also been carried out with any questions related to your research. Even your project will be checked thoroughly by the experts and even the format will be judged. It is actually to have an idea that you have actually done your research activities yourself and also carried out enough info related to your project.

Ph.D. Presentation

Presentation is one of the important parts of your project. As you are working on a research project and you need to prepare a thesis. It is the most important and crucial part of the whole session to gather each activity and work done to be explained properly in your thesis. So as you know thesis is a complete cover of your each minute details of your research work. So the presentation helps us to remember the catch points of your work and also helps to highlight the main factors and benefits of your project. Even the expert panel gets an idea from the presentation that how much effort is given by the student and how well he is clear about his idea.

How to prepare for your Viva?

Before preparing for your viva you must understand the rules and regulations followed by the particular institution. Because every institution has a different set of rules and regulations. The format of the thesis, the format of the presentation and also the guidelines of the research paper and all. We need to know all this before going for a viva.

You can also keep information about the expert's panel coming for viva. What are their questions pattern? You can get all this information from your peers or seniors.

  • To check your thesis once: Before submitting your thesis or going for a viva, we need to understand certain things first- like if there are any errors in your project, you must always be updated with the latest happenings like those recent research papers that are similarly related to your topic you must always go through all these so that you can be prepared with all coming questions from the paw
  • To perform well: When we are at your viva you need to deal with two examiners one is the external examiner who is generally not from your university he is actually an expert from your field but for some other institution and the other is the internal examiner who is from your institution itself. The external examiner is the one who asks you all the viva questions. Our work is to deal with both the examiners and to convince both of them that we have enough idea about research in your field.
  • Preparation: This is an important factor to make your viva easy. The best way is to defend those questions coming to you. So what you need to do is you need to prepare for those questions which you think is mostly asked. And you can also prepare for questions which you think can be important for your project so you yourself can prepare for those questions note it down and prepare an answer for it.
  • Always try to keep an extra copy of your viva: When you are going for a viva you must always carry an extra printed copy of your thesis this will help you to highlight all the important points related to your topic. This way it will help you to keep revising your project work and all the important requirements that you have used in your project. It also puts a positive impact on the examiner by creating your good impression about your commitment and effort.
  • Doubts must be sorted: When you are going for a viva you must always be prepared that it will obviously go on for a longer time. So at that session of time, you will be asked too many questions and you will be continuously answering all those questions. So there must be a time when due to nervousness you get stuck with a question or doubt. So at that particular time, you can ask the examiner to refer your thesis for reference and at that particular time try to prepare for your further asked questions and their answers.


Viva is a challenge for us to face the experts with all our ideas and knowledge that you have gathered while accomplishing your project. So the more effort you have given during your thesis practically the more ideas you would have to be prepared for any questions and hence this boosts your confidence.

PhD Guidance in India is an important and one of the most prominent phases in any student's life. Working on your project so long and preparing it finally. Then just we are left out with the viva, so lastly if we convince our examiners with our whole commitment and effort then we can conclude our journey by successfully achieving it.