How to Know Your Thesis is on the Right Topic


Making choices related to a career has never been easy. Small mistakes can have substantial negative impacts. And a right action manages to set the dominos of success in motion. So this is usually the dilemma faced when one has to choose their Ph.D. Topic for the thesis.

Candidates feel a lot of pressure while finalizing a theme. There are several things out there on which you can conduct a study, which one should you choose from?

Choosing a correct topic while before starting a study can make a lot of difference. You will be mentally prepared and deeply devoted to the problem. It is not easy to determine which topic is the best suited for you, But you can keep in mind the following things before making a decision:

  • Familiarity with the topic- Whenever you try to work on a thesis, you should be familiar with the matter you choose. Most people think that it is better to write on something that is new to them. Something that they haven't worked on before. The thinking behind this notion is that people believe that they would have something substantial to contribute if they work on something new. But this may not work out as you have planned. Choose a topic that you know well. That way, you would know all the different aspects of the study. And it would be easier to determine the limiting factors.
  • You should be attracted to your topic of research. You should be willing to explore the topic no matter what. The topic should intrigue you to dig deeper and come up with something essential. Thesis writing is not easy, and you might have to encounter many episodes of boredom. There will be times when you would want to give up. This is why it is essential to work on a topic that is dear to you. And to which you feel naturally attracted.
  • Not only should you be interested in the topic, but there should be something about the subject which attracts other people as well. Choosing a popular topic makes it easy for your thesis to be read and understood by people. This also helps determine the academic importance of your thesis.
  • Writing a thesis is as tough as it is. And after years of hard work, would you want your thesis to turn into something irrelevant to the current generation? All your hard work will go to waste. And therefore it is best to look for a topic, which you know won't be outdated in a few years. That way, discoveries will come to light. And these discoveries would help your thesis.
  • Define the limits before starting the project. It is essential to know what aspects of a particular topic will you be considering in a thesis. A problem can be huge and may include some subtopic which doesn't have a positive contribution to your study. You should try and eliminate these topics from the very beginning. It is best to have small, defined questions to work on. That was your productivity increased beyond measure.

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