How To Find Sources For Writing My Climate Change Research Proposal


Climate change and other related topics require a lot of research as these topics are quite debatable. When you are required to develop a research paper on these topics require information from credible sources. Several topics in the research paper are needed to be to the point to develop the proposal and find an answer. Though you can easily search for reliable sources for writing climate change research. Bhavathi Technologies delivers Research Proposal that are of high-quality. We also provide efficient PhD guidance and PhD assistance that are structured in several ways for the benefits of PhD students.

Develop a great research proposal using following strategies

Start your research with Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most reliable source when it comes to searching for information for writing an important research proposal. Students may need information on some selected topics related to climate change. Climate change is a vast arena and students can visit Wikipedia to research on specific topics included in the arena of climate change. PhD guidance in India is provided to the students so that they can prepare better research proposals.

Wikipedia is one of the best sources to start your research with. The articles on this platform deliver a deep understanding of the topic as climate change is a debatable matter for ages already. Wikipedia is an effective platform to start from the initial stage.

Search from the library

Books and other articles related to climate change are found from library resources. Students can obtain maximum benefits from them. Teachers and peers are also present at the library to help the students select papers that include information for their research. With PhD assistance in India they can get a better understanding of the topic. Login to the library resources and identify the best sources first. Moreover, it is important to find out the sources on their own.

Try secondary sources

Measuring the research size of the data collected from above two sources is important. The size of their proposal will help them to identify what secondary sources they need to make their research paper more credible. Targeting recent secondary sources is advised from various platforms. This ensures that they don’t integrate information that is outdated. It is necessary to check the number of times these sources were cited by others. This helps to check the credibility of such sources. Most of the judgements that are credible and remarkable are done with the help of Google Scholar. Secondary sources are easily searched for by the students.

Blending the research proposal sources

Even after sorting the information collected, students should not put an end to searching for information. While a student writes on topics such as climate change or any other similar topic of global impact, they can mix up several proposal source categories. Moreover, if the research is limited to only above mentioned sources may not add required richness to the research proposal. The proposal should also contain content that is recent, unique and innovative. Such information is found in news, editorial, video recordings, etc.

It is important to first determine the size of the research proposal, so that they can point out the number of sources they will collect information from. This article written to provide PhD Assistance will help students to start their research process right away!