How to develop your research network


Selecting and picking up a Ph.D. is not as simple as picking a master's degree or undergraduate course. It is something which requires time, analysis, interest, concentration and willingness to do. Here you just don't have completed a course you have to involve in research work. The work will be done by you and only you.

Hence, it is very important to find correct Ph.D. guidance for yourselves and equally important to develop your research network. Most of the Ph.D. aspirants face this question as they struggle to find the right people and the right Ph.D. for themselves. Here are some of the steps provided by us which if followed will definitely help you.

Tips that one can go through

  • Take your time and analysis yourself: when you are on your way to finding a correct Ph.D. for yourself the first thing that you need to do is to take proper time for analyzing yourself because you definitely need to know what your area of interest is, what discipline you could dive in through and you could work on it for the next 3-4 years. It is important to have a clear cut idea so that you can work step by step as having a clear idea gives you a clear glimpse and path that you need to go on.
  • Search for suitable contacts: After analyzing yourself, note down the keywords associated and search for the people associated with it, the department or institution where you would like to pursue your Ph.D. degree. You can get the details on the website of the institution. Try to contact the professor who is from the same area of interest as you. Don't feel shy to contact them and try to communicate with them.
  • The next step is to have personal communication with the professors: the supervisor is a key ingredient and plays an important role to make a successful Ph.D. So drop an email to the professor you found out and check whether they are interested in your Ph.D. thesis or not. It will help in the future because it helps you to know beforehand and prior to starting of your Ph.D. process that whether your interest match or not and whether you will get the required and quality Ph.D. guidance or not. Also, remember that not only you need a supervisor but professors also usually wish for someone who has the same taste and same line of interest. So go ahead and communicate.
  • Literature review: The literature review helps you up to a great extent to find and develop research networks as most of the articles written in journals mention the contact details of the authors. Study the relevant articles of your area of interest and contact the appropriate person and have a conversation with him/her about your area of interest and their willingness about the same. Also, reading articles and review of the literature also helps you to have more deep knowledge about the field you are going to work on and also by doing this you get a glimpse of the previous research work done in the same field and you get a chance to gain the contact of the researchers who work in your field.
  • Social media: in this contemporary world there might be only a few things which you would not find on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. There are various groups where you can find relevant people. Also, there are various sites where you can find relevant contacts and can even join them.

Once you develop your research network focus on your Ph.D., work with your supervisor and the other relevant people you know and give your Ph.D. your best.

These were some tips you can follow to build your research network. In this process most of the time one gets stuck and need someone for their Ph.D. assistance. Bhavathi Technologies in one of the institutes that provide Ph.D. guidance to the applicants and help them in their Ph.D. process at some point or another.

How can Bhavathi Technologies help you?

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