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A dissertation is a part of the requirements for a Ph.D. The research theory, experimentation, and actual research also contribute to this.

Also note- experimental data, if used, is not the proof of the thesis or else they are not needed. The dissertation is not the thesis. One's thesis is a claim- a hypothesis. A thesis is a conjecture and also called as a theorem. The dissertation is a formal document used to argue for your thesis. The thesis must be significant, original and it must extend the stage of scientific knowledge.

Writing a Dissertation

It is a long way of academic writing based on original research. This dissertation is submitted as a part of doctoral, master's, or bachelor's degree. This dissertation is probably the longest piece of writing that anyone ever so that they can intimidate to know where to start. The aim of a dissertation or thesis is to produce the original piece of research work.

Steps of Dissertation

  • Introduction
  • literature review
  • Methodology
  • Result and Discussion
  • Summary and conclusion

Introduction: It presents a general statement about the study and supports the general statement and it also includes the aims and objects to having a clear idea about the topic or study. The Introduction is based on the statement of the problem, significant of the study, objective of the study, time and place of the study, scope and limitation, definition of the terms.

  • Statement of the problem: It describes the problems to be investigated and contains a general problem to form a statement to form the specific questions.
  • Significance of the study: It discusses the reason in the conducting research and gets the benefit from the research study.
  • The objective of the study: It includes both the general and specific objective to have a clear study of the thesis.
  • Time and place of the study: It includes the period when the study was conducted starting from the preparation of outline to the data gathering of the manuscript.
  • Scope and limitation: It describes the extension of the study. The duration and time period are recorded to study the limit of area.
  • Definition of the terms: The key terms are used to define the terms in the study of a thesis with brief and clear information.

Literature review: It includes the introductory part to see the facts and reliable source to jot down the reference for the relevant study of the dissertation which explains the significances of the topic.

Methodology: It discusses how the study is conducted with a short introductory statement that describes the research design and procedure.

Results and discussion: It explains the description of the research study that how the thesis data is collected and it is discussed/presented in front of the researchers.

Summary and conclusion: In summary, we gather all the data and present the analysis of the thesis with the help of graphs and chart to showcase the whole dissertation process in the board as a sum of presentation.

Elements of Dissertation

  • Analytic Topic
  • Outline Research
  • Bibliography
  • Research Plan
  • Purpose of Research
  • Effective discussion and conclusion

Advantage of Dissertation Writing

The advantage of dissertation writing is to collect the data information from the study. It helps the Ph.D. scholar to do best in their academic sector to upgrade their knowledge on the basis of their research. The researching fellows utilize the concerned time in the methods of presentation of their thesis/dissertation paper to have the enormous effect of dissertation writing. It opens the mind of students and allows them to have a depth study about the dissertation process which helps them to acclaim the Ph.D. Research in further fields.

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