Embedded Systems – An Introduction

Embedded Systems can be defined as an electronic system that integrates the hardware circuitry with the software programming techniques for providing project solutions. By using the embedded system technology, results in the reduction of the complexity of the circuits thereby leading to a
decrease in cost and size of developing & manufacturing hardware.

An embedded system as an electronic system can be programmed or non-programmed to operate, organize, and perform single or multiple tasks based on the application. An embedded system is engineered to perform certain tasks only with modern embedded systems are often based on microcontrollers.

PhD research trends in embedded systems – What are the trends

The complexity of developing embedded systems has resulted in growing demands concerning requirements engineering, high-level design, and early error detection. The main features of the embedded system include-

  • Low power consumption
  • Low unit per cost
  • Small size
  • Rugged operating system

Embedded systems have now become part of our daily lives with embedded based devices being used in homes such as digital cameras, Set-top Box, Internet Router, Printer etc. Applications of embedded systems have now extended across all sectors such as manufacturing, transportation,
healthcare, services, automobiles, FMCG etc.

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Important future research trends in embedded systems for PhD Researchers-

Some of the topics that can be chosen by PhD researchers as part of their thesis submission include-

  • Automation of cars using embedded systems technology as the future of the automobile industry rests on the incorporation of automation car with a microcontroller or a microprocessor.
  • Solar Tracking System for optimal power generation embedded systems projects can be the topic of your thesis. Solar energy is going to be one of the important sources of renewable energy in the coming decades.
  • Development of embedded web server on the ARM9 project with the main objective of this project is to construct an efficient embedded web server. The faster growth in embedded technology has resulted in the growth of electronic gadgets such as wireless sensors, IoT devices that are required for embedded network connection for shared action.

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