FAQs posed by the students while writing engineering dissertation


A lot of questions go through the minds of students when they are asked to write an Engineering dissertation. With the right Ph.D. guidance, they can understand the concept better and have most of their queries solved. However, to help Ph.D. students get all their queries answered, dissertation writing services in Hyderabad such as Bhavathi Technologies has responded to a few FAQs. These will help you write your dissertation better by answering all your questions.

  • What should be each section's length in the dissertation?
  • Though fixing the length of each section is not easy and hard to maintain as well. Some universities and colleges have a few guidelines for the students to have a clear idea. The introduction should form 10% of the topic. The literature review should be of about 8-30%. The discussion part should comprise of 0-10%. The references are also the original paint, and so it should be around 2% of the entire article.

  • How many pages should an engineering dissertation have?
  • The maximum number of pages contained in the engineering dissertation depends on the following points. Generally, it is recommended by Ph.D. assistance providing faculties that the maximum number of pages should be 70, including the references. However, in Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering, it should be 90-115 pages.

  • How should the results of the dissertation be arranged?
  • The result is believed to be organized from the most crucial point. The least important one should be arranged at the bottom.

  • What should the abstract section contain?
  • The abstract section should contain 200-300 words and should be able to explain the following points:

  • Introduction about the topic.
  • Explain the different findings of the thesis briefly
  • Some suggestions about the result found should also be included in the abstract section.
  • It should also contain the goal and motivation of the study.
  • Which referencing method is used in the dissertation?
  • The supervisor of the thesis generally explains what all should be contained and which research referencing system to follow. According to the best Ph.D. guidance in India, the research method should be developed precisely. The journal site followed should be cited at the top of the reference list. The examiners will also not disapprove of this style. Dissertation writing services in India will assist students.

  • What is a dissertation clock?
  • The academic clock refers to the period of the first registration, which is nine academic quarters. The clock begins when the students start the thesis. It will take around two years for the clock to get completed. All engineering students should register for writing a dissertation. It begins after the completion of the course. Students can also extend their period of registration and the additional period for writing.

  • What should I do if I miss the deadline?
  • According to Ph.D. assistance in India, if a student is not able to complete and submit before the deadline, the students will have a new clearance option in the subsequent semester. They should submit their work and clear their thesis. However, if the thesis is completed before the deadline, then the student is not required to pay the fees if that semester.

We hope that the following questions cleared all your queries. For further details you can contact Bhavathi Technologies.