How To Design And Defend A Ph.D. Thesis?


PhD stands for 'Doctor of Philosophy. It is a post-graduate doctoral degree. The degree is rewarded when an individual completes an original thesis. Thesis consisting of a significant new contribution to knowledge in the chose subject. It is the highest level of academic degree an individual can achieve.

PhD guidance

Below are the steps to create an appropriate PhD thesis.

1. Preparing a research proposal

  • The research paper is not a part of your PhD It is a part of the PhD application process.
  • The research proposal provides the aim and objective of your PhD topic. The topic chosen must be original. The proposal includes the topic which you plan to study and (or) questions you will be answering.
  • Explanation on why your work is important and its significance. Why it fits the objectives of your university.
  • Includes an explanation of how you plan to complete your doctorate.
  • Includes identifying the existing scholarship, your work will be in dialogue with and the method you plan to use in your research.

2. Literature review

  • The literature review is demonstrating skills in your scholarship. You show that you comprehend the current state of your subject at an advanced level. The result of which is a new contribution to your field through your PhD
  • Carrying out a literature review is the first step of PhD along with a discussion with your supervisor.
  • It is a thorough survey of your research work on your subject.
  • The supervisor guides you and provides instruction and direction. After that, you will identify, examine and evaluate the data/scholarship available.
  • Aim of this is to know how the existing methodologies work. How the existing work help in your research? Whether or not it includes findings you need an account for. Reach conclusion which you challenge.

3. Conducting research and collecting results

  • This stage is where you move from scholarship to research.
  • You stay up to date with new developments in your subject and incorporate it into your study as necessary.
  • The primary focus is on investigating your research question. You carry out systemized research providing results gathering it to furnish a conclusion

4. Completing an MPhil to PhD upgrade

  • In UK universities new PhD students have to register for an MPhil before upgrading to full doctoral candidates.
  • This takes place after one year of full-time study.
  • As an MPhil student, you can comprehend your subject and produce new research.

5. Producing an original thesis

  • As your PhD candidacy is confirmed and collected sufficient results you shall begin to finalize your thesis.
  • The thesis consists of your arguments and claims the results. It is the conclusion you have arrived by researching the existing scholarship in your literature review. The conclusion is combined with the results of your original research.
  • It layouts your findings in a way that systematically explains and proves your conclusion.
  • The thesis attempts to be proved, which will form the basis of your PhD

6. Writing up your dissertation

  • On completion of research and thesis, the last thing is to write it down on a paper.
  • This is the final stage of PhD known as writing up period.
  • A stage where you provide a final dissertation demonstrating your thesis, which is submitted as a basis for the viva voce exam.

7. Defending your conclusion at a viva voce

  • PhD is not usually marked as a piece of written work. Instead, the dissertation is submitted for an oral examination known as viva voce.
  • A formal procedure where you defend your thesis in front of the panel members. All the examiners review your dissertation thoroughly in prior.

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Paper drafting is divided into 2 strategies.

1st strategy - going through the thesis chapter wise. The first chapter starts with a literature review and continues with chapters demonstrating about the methodologies. The end has to be a concise conclusion to the research project. The conclusion must be discrete and precise based on the main question your paper is written on.

2nd strategy - referred to as manuscript manner. A pattern is followed. Starting from literature review followed by methods, materials, discussions, and results. The format preference is given based on the chapter.

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