What is the Best Thesis Writing Advice for Ph.D. Scholars?


Writing a Ph.D. thesis/dissertation should not be taken lightly. In fact, it is a massive undertaking. Enough advice on writing thesis are available for scholars specifically related to thesis writing. The Internet provides profuse collection of blogs, books, articles and so on consisting of writing tips that help the writers to handle their thesis writing easily and efficiently. However, these resources can also be misguiding or don't come of much help to the writer as it also produces irrelevant or repetitive proposals.

Some of the common tips that are available for an easy thesis writing are:

  • Right from the beginning of the writing of your thesis, you should write regularly
  • Go with the flow of writing and avoid over thinking while writing
  • Write whatever you find relevant. Improvisations can be done later
  • Always rewrite the thesis, never consider it as a pressure
  • Believe in your work and think positively throughout the process of writing

Sometimes or other, as a Ph.D. scholar or even a student researcher, you do encounter with stressed phases while writing. The tips given above can be applied to all who are interested in research. However, they may not be effective in some domains every time.

How to write a thesis perfectly?

It is important for you to understand that writing is not a straight path, at least not for thesis writing. The process involves a lot of complexity like critical thinking at each point, narrowing of thoughts, avoiding the elaborative description and being crisper and objective, etc. In the first place, you need to define your research question. The thesis should be a reply to this question. You will definitely get reading as well as guidance from many corners and also would come upon the theoretical models that can provide you necessary skill development as it claims. Yet, to make the final product a good, valuable and readable one, you need to ensure the following things while writing.

  • Acquire a thorough knowledge of the field to which you are contributing Sufficient background reading on the field is necessary as it will back your thinking and also give a good starting in the writing process and keep you in the typical pattern. It will also enhance your confidence level.
  • Make sure that the thesis is reader-friendly. It is important to make the thesis reader-friendly as it will be circulating among the respective community as new knowledge. So, one should make it more accessible in terms of language. When you are writing an academic thesis, you need to use academic language, but ensure it has nice readability.
  • Write the thesis in a convincing manner. It is not like you write a thesis and readers will accept it blindly. There will be clarifications and post-reading questions. Hence, when you are writing your research thesis, you should be clear with your ideas and findings. The thesis must have a flow instead of points scattered here and there. Also, you need to supply data, sufficient evidence and reasons and also the writing should be backed by citations and references. In this way, you can make your thesis more convincing.

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