15 types of Research Methodologies for Ph.D. Pupils


Research is a simple method of gathering knowledge. This knowledge is either in favor or opposed to a theory. This lays the foundation for your further studies. But to reach that milestone, you need to conduct successful research. There are different ways in which you can carry out an analysis. To develop a better understanding of research methodologies, it is essential to know about Basic research.

In simple terms, basic research is research that aims to improve the understanding of existing scientific theories. The theory already exists, and basic theory aims to present it in a better way. Some research methodologies are mentioned below:

  • Applied Research- Applied research is nothing by the real-life application of basic research. The knowledge that you gain from basic research is applied to some problem-solving mechanisms.
  • Fixed research versus flexible research- If the study pattern is defined before the data-gathering phase, then it is called a fixed study. In a fixed study, the variables which need to be considered in the study should be known before you start the investigation. These variables are measured quantitively. On the contrary, a flexible research is a qualitative study. In flexible research, the researcher has permission to interfere with the process of data collection. Also, a fixed study is theoretical research.
  • Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research- A qualitative research has a more see and interpret approach. On the other hand, quantitative analysis has definite values that you can measure. These are measurable quantities that you can analyze. Another significant difference between Qualitative and Quantitative research is that the results of qualitative research are subjective, whereas the effects of quantitative analysis are objective.
  • Experimental research and non- experimental research- Experimental study is one in which one variable is kept constant, and the rest of the variables are modified. And the effect of these changes on the first variable is studied.
  • Exploratory research and confirmatory research- Confirmatory analysis provides substantial proof to a previous study or hypothesis. On the contrary, Exploratory research takes an analytical approach. It analyzes the different variables and tried to discover the connection between all the variables.
  • Explanatory research or casual research- Explanatory research determines the degree of relationship between cause and the effect.
  • Descriptive research- It is merely a pre-defined condition. The researcher has no control over the variables.
  • Historical research- Historical research picks up a certain even in history and tries to study it. The researcher needs to consider different phases or traits which occur during that phase.
  • Casual comparative research- In this type of study, the researcher tried to determine the different causes and consequences of the differences that are evident between a particular group of individuals.
  • Correlational research- It is a type of non-experimental study. And in this type of study, the relation between the two variables is studied. It should be noted that no external influence is allowed.
  • Evaluation Research Method- In this type of study, the known research methods are used for evaluative purposes.
  • Formative and summative evaluation- formative evaluation involves the collection of feedback and information, which is analyzed alongside the progress of the research. Whereas in the summative assessment, the feedback is collected at the end of the study. And a definitive result is formulated.
  • Diagnostic research- In this type of study, we define the characteristics of a constant or a variable.
  • Prognostic research- Prognostic research demands you to study a particular variable.
  • Action research- Action research is a type of study in which you improve your previous research actions.

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